Relationship has lost its spark

We’re not saying that sweatpants and an old race t-shirt from ten years ago aren’t perfectly acceptable date-night attire or that searching the Internet from opposite sides of the couch can’t be a bonding experience.

But if your date nights have gone stale, we have good news for you.

According to experts, laughter strengthens relationships and bicycling’s smile-to-mile ratio is second to none. If big nights on the town require more planning, money, and non-fleece pants than you’d like, here are ideas to make date-night as easy as riding a bike.

Go back in time

Ride around the neighborhood and reminisce about your first time on a bike. Dust off childhood games, like Follow the Leader, and see where your partner takes you. Bike around old haunts while reminiscing about the past or explore new neighborhoods and talk about the future. Then find a tree and lay under it until you feel spectacularly bored.

Get romantic

Watch the sunset from someplace new, but don’t forget to laugh when clouds hide the big show. Pack wine and cheese (or beer and Slim Jims) and enjoy a picnic somewhere along a gravel path. Try to sneak a kiss while riding.

…Or not.

Errand or escapade?

Bikes add an element of fun to otherwise boring tasks. Make breakfast in bed last all morning by riding to the grocery store for pancake supplies. Need a caffeine boost or a bite to eat? Pedal to your local coffee shop, brew pub, or BBQ brisket joint—and enjoy how much better everything tastes after a ride.

Pro Tip(s)

When your partner is leading the way, don’t forget to appreciate their tush from behind and know that they are doing the same when you’re in front.

Wherever you’re riding, as long as you’re having fun, you’re doing it right.


Kristin Butcher has been a rider and bicycling advocate for more than 20 years. After riding in nearly every state, she’s seen the power of bicycling communities across the country firsthand and eaten at more convenience stores than the FDA would recommend. Her stories have appeared in Bicycling, Mountain Bike, USA Today, and BIKE Magazine where her column “Butcher Paper” appears monthly.

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